A disability insurance policy replaces income lost if you get hurt or ill. Without disability protection, people put their financial health in danger which can lead to depleting investments or even worse, losing their home. Everyone should consider applying for a Disability Insurance policy. Even if Long Term Disability coverage is offered at work, it may not be enough. We insure our cars, homes and lives…why wouldn’t we insure our paycheck?

Study after study shows about one-third of the population will be disabled for 90 days or longer at some point in their lives. If disability coverage is provided by an employer, chances are it doesn’t cover enough and if the company pays the premium, any benefit to the individual is taxable. By purchasing your own disability protection, while on claim the benefit to you will be tax-free!

Factors that determine how much a disability policy will cost are the type of industry the applicant works in, how much the monthly benefit will be, at what point after the disability begins does the coverage kick in, if a Cost of Living rider is included, if the policy has an “Own Occupation” or “Any Occupation” provision, as well as other features. A Disability insurance policy can be customized in an infinite number of ways! Reach out to Mission Insurance Services for more details.